You’ve heard the saying, “Lawyers are a dime a dozen” and it is true! With so many lawyers out there, it is important to know what to look for in a good estate planning attorney. Here are five key points to consider when searching for a lawyer that’s best for you:


1. Connection: You should always feel personally connected to the lawyer you are working with. An attorney that will take the time to find out what is important to you and one that will keep your best interests in mind is essential. You must be 100% certain that your concerns and wishes are understood and that they will be adequately addressed in your estate plan.


2. Professional: It should go without saying that professionalism is an indicator of the final product. If you do not feel that the firm you are working with is acting on all levels in a professional manner, then your estate plan may reflect that. You want to work with someone that will be thorough and go the extra mile to ensure nothing is overlooked.


3. Value: Everyone is looking for the best product at the best price, but be careful! What you end up with may actually be a bad product with a great price. It is imperative that you understand the value you are getting for your money. If your lawyer isn’t willing to explain the tremendous significance that their services and estate plan holds, then run the other way.


4. Cost: Lawyers can be very mysterious about costs because most law firms bill by the hour. If the lawyer is unwilling to give you the bottom line cost, then that is a sure sign there will be surprises with the price tag later on. When it comes to estate planning, your lawyer should be clear and up front as to what the exact cost of their services will be. Be sure to get it in writing.


5. Guarantees: Many people procrastinate in developing an estate plan primarily because they are fearful that life developments and law changes will require them to invest more money into reworking their original plan. While there are not many firms that guarantee future changes with no additional fees, the Lifetime Lawyer Program offered by Thomas, Walters, PLLC guarantees that all future modifications will be made at no extra cost.


The secret of successful estate planning is with Thomas, Walters, PLLC. Our personable and professional service, along with our straightforward approach in handling client’s estates for a lifetime are valuable in developing and maintaining customer satisfaction. Experience it for yourself by registering for a free informational seminar at or simply call (888) 787-1913.