Have you heard the saying, “You are just buying time?” The funny thing is, there is no way to buy time, and there is no way to get it back once you have spent it. Even more important is that everyone’s time will come to an end, but no one knows when! All too often, people procrastinate and put off the things that they know are inevitable, like planning for how their estate will pass after they are gone.

Forbes magazine recently coined this as “American’s Ostrich Approach to Estate Planning.”


I met a 95 year young gentleman, who came into my office. He sat down in front of me and stated the obvious “It is way overdue that I get my affairs in order. For some reason, we all think we are going to live forever, or certainly live until we are very old. I am lucky that I have lived this long! However, I know my procrastination in putting an estate plan in place will have a devastating impact on my family. So, I think it is time to take care of things in order to have peace of mind that my family won’t be dealing with what I should have done long before now!”


Many people neglect to think about the comfort and relief they feel when a comprehensive estate plan is in place. They refuse to consider the consequences forced upon their family of not having a Will or Trust in place. On the contrary, by addressing your estate and planning for your wishes, when death knocks on your door, your family would not have to struggle with the court system and lawyers. The family would not spend time and money trying to figure out what to do. Nevertheless, for those who still want to procrastinate, never fear- the State has a plan for you! But it will never truly meet your wishes, and it does not make anything easier for your family.


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